It’s official, Walmart bought, the company headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey on August 6th for reportedly $3 billion.

This is an interesting partnership, — but here’s the problem: has not yet established its brand.

Have you ever shopped with I haven’t and I don’t know of anyone else who has. Again what are they known for. A purple website? Great deals on products? Fast delivery? Excellent customer service where they will give the customer, any customer the benefit of the doubt if a product is defective or does not meet their needs and requests a refund.

Here’s another concern: Walmart is known for its brick and mortar locations, not for e-commerce, which is dominated by Amazon, whose revenue in 2015 exceeded $100 billion.

Will have bricks and mortar locations within Walmart, which allows the customer a choice to pick up their groceries in their store or have it delivered to their door. Like with pizza.

I wish the partnership well and time will tell how it plays out.  Will it be a bust. Is Walmart known for excellent customer service? neatly merchandised shelves? or low prices? The answer is low prices, period. I want to see what represents as a brand before I pass judgement. But again, we don’t know about yet and now being acquired by Walmart may never get the chance.