Let’s face it: as consumers we love food. However, too much of a food that tastes great but is high in saturated fat, i.e. thousand island salad dressing, or with high sodium content, like Lays potato chips, or sugar, a can of Coke, or aspartame, a can of Diet Coke.

Yes, food is persuasive, it makes us feel better, we love a good doughnut in the morning.

However, can we as consumers get the courage to eat healthier and resist the temptation to grab a bag of chips when you have a bad day at work, or are stressed out before taking a test.

Working at a supermarket after a seven hour shift requires lifting bags of ice and cases of products, as well a climbing, and most of all fast walking. During a seven-hour shift I can easily merchandise thousands of products and walk a total of eight miles.

However, at the end of the night I grab a bag of chips, or Cheez-Itz, frozen triple cheese pizza, homemade vanilla ice cream or other food filled with elevated contents of saturated fat, sugar, aspartame and salt..

I have come to terms that I need to stop this now. And have the courage to eat better. There will be a time when it is okay to have three servings of potato chips, not the entire bag, at a party, or to drink a second can of Coke to get a brief pick me up; or a Krispy Kreme Doughnut with fresh Starbucks coffee to wish a new employee at your company well.

Yes I acknowledge individuals who have courage to start a business, get rejected on a sales call. bunge jump off a 100 foot cliff, take risks to benefit a nation, but we should look at ourselves and have the courage to say “no” to food that is not the healthiest, but to eat in moderation.

It is a challenge, especially when the supermarket is always introducing new, delicious food products from manufacturers to mass customize and make us feel good in the short-term. We all are tempted by food that if we eat too much of feel it the next day or is reflected in a blood test.

So the next time you select low-sodium soy sauce (a total oxymoron) check the food label, use your mobile device and see if the food is good for you and plan you are going to eat it.

I am going to strive to enjoy a good snack, however I am striving harder to have the courage and eat healthier

Hope you are too.