Swiffer, the maker of Sweeper and other cleaning products, has updated their packaging design. The look is cleaner – no pun intended in terms of benefits and content on the package.

The cleaning product was created by Proctor & Gamble in 1999 also makes the Swiffer Sweeper, Swiffer Sweeper and Vac, Swiffer Wet Jet, etc. and various cleaning products too that provide benefits of speed and convenience.

What’s new:

The word “Swiffer” is larger and in blue and now overrides the circle that enclosed it previously  and next to it the type “SWEEPER WET” has been added to fill the top of the package. The packaging is also more green with the “fabreeze” aroma benefit placed in the middle right hand side of the package.

The number of refills has been put in a rectangular circle for it to stand out.

An image of the sweeper sheets have now been centered on the package with the three droplets falling into them. The previous package placed them on the right hand side.

They have also included with content the benefit of Textured Wet Cloths; TRAP  + LOCK, dirt deep in cloth with an image of a lock for the consumer to visualize its benefits. The previous package had a much smaller lock, and you can barely read the benefits of the cloths. Now with the new packaging you can see it — clearly.

What is gone is the the purple background at the bottom third of the package. The company figures with less of the purple they added more visible content. If I had to guess I would say that a two toned look with just the colors green and yellow to give it a cleaner look, — that is purple, yellow and green don’t necessarily meld well on the package.

With Swiffer and other companies I am noticing a major trend, which is the amount of colors on the packages is decreasing, the brand name is getting bigger and the images are highlighting the benefits of the product, like Swiffer indicated with their TRAP + LOCK in capital letters.

There are so many choices for consumers and the better the visual appeal on the package not overloading the consumer gives them an edge and could attract new consumers for a product that has been around for years like the Swiffer.

The Swiffer TV ads have been effective where a package of the product arrives at the door of someones house and, whether it is a married couple or a father and daughter (with a house pet too) use the Swiffer to get every nook and cranny in the house where the Swiffer cloth is tossed nicely in the garbage.

Here is the link to the commercial found on YouTube.

The ads are simple yet effective and now with the new packaging design gives them an upper hand in the cleaning products by making a task, like cleaning, more fun an enjoyable a task, that can be done at home, in a classroom, at work, wherever dust and dirt linger like in ceiling fans and entertainment units.

This may also encourage young men to clean up their apartments before a dinner date or watching a football game with his buddies. The benefit of being able to remove the wet cloth right from the Swiffer sweeper to be used no more until the next time around makes the product smart and disruptive. Yes, it is important for the area cleaned to smell good, but it is more important for it to be clean, which is why Swiffer’s product packaging update indicates to the consumer.

In sum, I think Swiffer wants you to know a clean house comes before a house that just smells good.