In an attempt to update their packaging Quakers is updating their granola bar packaging. The item that sells on average for $3.00 has enlarged the “Chewies” name on the box for their Variety pack and has also made the box blue, replacing the standard white background.

It gives the product more of an appeal in terms of style making it colorful than bland and functional. I also liked that they enlarged the picture of the granola bar too.

Overall, it is a good move for the company to give it new awareness. However, they have an issue in terms that some of their boxes opening prematurely before it goes to to the shelf. The boxes are thin and the front of it where a perforated line is located makes it easy to punch it open, which probably costs the company hundreds of lost product per day that either goes to salvage or returned and discarded as damaged.

Quaker, the maker of oats and granola bars needs to fix their packaging to preserve their products, — and their profits.