Dole foods has updated its frozen food packaging. The previous packaging was “dull” for its mango packaging with a light blue background against the red letters for “Dole” and the type of fruit.

The global agricultural food corporation is headquartered in Westlake Village, California and was founded in 1901. The CEO since 2013 is David Murdock who heads the corporation that had revenues of over seven billion dollars in 2015.

Now the new packaging on their frozen food consists of a mango where the “Dole” is now centered in front of the bag whose letters were enlarged as well as the images of fruit such as the frozen mangos pictured in this blog post. .

The new package caught my eye immediately in the frozen fruit door and I think it will make a big impact by making people not choose the supermarket brand and choose Dole as an alternative. I have not yet seen the updated packaging for their frozen blueberries and pineapple but I cannot wait to see their updated version.

I also hope they update their packaging for their canned fruit like pineapples and vegetables too. This new change to their packaging is an eye catcher. The color on the bag is vibrant and can attract new customers, and may be enough to steer consumers away from the supermarket generic brand. Fruits and vegetables are colorful, so it is logical to give the packaging colorful too but not go overboard. Colors like light blue resemble the sky and nature which allows the sun to send it rays and make fruits fresh and vibrant.

Smart packaging move by Dole. Nice job “doling” it out