It is inevitable that Virtual Reality is here and within a couple of years at least a third of the population will try on a device, whether as a game, to view a city or to interact with someone who is not in the same area as you.

And as the technology improves the devices will become sleeker and the graphics will become more and more vivid.

Imagine having a naked eye and the other eye displaying a virtual reality experience. That would be cool.

These experiences may be possible with Virtual Reality:

  1. Riding a roller coaster
  2. Jumping out of a plane
  3. Riding a racehorse
  4. Flying on a rocket ship to Mars
  5. Facing a major league pitcher in Yankee Stadium
  6. Being the lead act at a comedy club or rock concert
  7. Flying like Superman
  8. Learning how to cook like a master chef
  9. Walk the Great Wall of China

The list of possibilities are endless and will probably make us more unconnected in our Virtual worlds. But the chances to do things using VR will make people scratch off their things to do off their bucket list in their own homes.

Virtual Reality is here and will not come and go like Google Glass. No, this is a different and the disruptors are looking for ways to maximize its potential.

Get your eyes ready to change your world.