We all have the ability to sell. Whether it is a car, appliance or an idea, we all can sell or make a winning pitch.


Yes. What it takes is practice, confidence, more practice and failure.

Failure? Well, isn’t failure a bad thing?

The perception of failing and failure is that once your screw up a deal or make a mistake with closing a deal is that the end of the world is nigh. It can be perceived to be this way in the short term, but from a long term perspective, the opposite is true.

You see, if you can associate with failing as part of the process as well as the road to success then you will become better at selling or whatever you decide to do.

For example, sales reps start out of the gate with the hopes of dreams of earning six figures in a short period of time, i.e. a year. But in reality, it could takes years and practice to be successful.

Top supermarkets sell well, because the customers know what they want, the aisle where the product is located and are willing to pay the price on the shelf (with or without coupons). This applies to anything and it is the role of any salesperson to consult and educate your customers and know that you are on their side and guarantee their purchase will be effective whether a bag of granola or advertising space.

Being a salesperson opens up the world of possibilities and gets you out from sitting in a cubicle dreaming of something else from 9 to 5.

Don’t dream, take the risk and learn to sell.