We tend to think of going to a museum to see art. But this is not true.

Art is everywhere.

It is in our supermarkets, in our schools and universities, in our playgrounds, in our businesses, at our homes; even within our auto mechanics…even within your VR devices.

Art is everywhere.

It is even with the napkin you are using to wipe your mouth.

If you think I’m kidding, then go to Moe’s Southwest Grill and grab one of their napkins.

Use one or two to wipe your mouth. Now take out another napkin from the dispenser from Moe’s and read it.


This was the message that was one their napkin. Moe’s is asking their customers to make something out of the napkin. I think the napkin’s message is important: you really can make art out of everything.

Grocery Clerks are artists too. They make displays with products at aisle end caps. They merchandise products that are alluring to consumers walking up the aisles. They also help customers in artful manner that adds value to their shopping experience. For example, offer your customer’s a coupon to get a better deal, walk them to the product, get to know their first name. This is art.

And art is everywhere. 

So next time you go to a supermarket; think of the people and shelves as artists and art on display; it will change your perspective. Appreciate the art; find out ways to make it better and tell the store manager. If she or he is an artist they will listen to what you have to say keenly.

I am going to make art by creating a sign made out of napkins:  I am calling the project: Wipe.

Seth Godin talks about art in what I call his masterpiece: The Icarus Deception – how high will you fly. He had a paragraph from his book that has stuck with me.

Today, in the face of the greatest revolution of our time, we are all artists. Or at least we all have the ability to be artists. The only thing holding us back is us. – The Icarus Deception , Seth Godin p. 64

So next time you pick up a napkin: Read if first and then WIPE.

Feel free to share your views.