I know my blog discusses items found in supermarkets and with virtual reality, but I am here to inform readers to not purchase the popular ball: WubbleX.

We bought the ball for my son in Toy’s  R Us for $7.99 with the can of helium. So we inflated the ball that was in this small plastic bag. Then it floated, floated and floated.

Then all of a sudden…..

Pop. The bubble burst.

When I took a look at the packaging I was surprised that it only consisted of just one plastic bag to inflate the ball. That’s it. And it popped in less than 5 minutes.

We were very surprised to say the least and I would not recommend consumers from buying this item. I would recommend getting a bag of balloons for a fraction of the cost instead.

Feel free to share your experience with the WubbleX. We know that bubbles burst, whether in the stock market, real estate, technology, — but with toys? Stay away from the WubbleX  unless you’re sending it to Mars.