Pillsbury dough is changing their packaging with an updated look.  The original look was dominated with the infamous Pillsbury dough boy on the left hand side followed by a small circle with the Pillsbury label, underneath with a larger circle that had “Crescents” in navy blue letters, followed by the type, such as Honey Butter against a light brown background with white letters.

Now the new packaging is in a darker blue packaging with the circle Pillsbury about an inch about the word Crescents. The “Crescents” is now in white letters. In addition, a big change is to have moved the Pillsbury Dough Boy to the right side with the huge croissant now a bit smaller. The type as in honey butter with the picture above is wrapped around the left hand side.

The new look works for the product. The blue background against the white letters is an ongoing trend with other companies such as Bud Light, Aquafina, Progresso,.

The trend is simplicity with blue. It works for Pillsbury and other food manufacturers who will take the risk and update their packaging.