Working as a part-time grocery clerk (or as I would like to call myself a food broker). You can not help but examine the packaging of the products that you are selling to customers and consumers. I ask myself what work better in terms of influencing a customer.

For example. does a customer purchase something with 50% less sodium than regular potato chips? under the impression that a product with less salt will be better from a health perspective.  Or, if the package states on the front: “More Fiber” “Heart Healthy” or made with “Natural Ingredients”. the question I post is what works better as an influential factor for customers to buy?

From my perspective, supermarkets are getting more on board indicating the health benefits to customers. Yes, customers will buy Coca Cola products regardless of the sugar content, or the levels of sodium for potato chips.

I think the biggest impact in terms of content for packaging is the word “Organic” Customers have been asking more and more for organic food. By the way, Organic does not necessarily mean that the product you are eating is 100% organic. Oh, no it actually means that the FDA that the product consists of at least 95% of organic ingredients. Regardless, I’m sure that some products you fill your shopping carts with are 100% like Greet Yogurt, Ice Cream, K-Cups, meat products, etc. Some supermarkets like Earth Fare and Whole Foods carry primarily all organic foods, which is great. However, how much of the nutritional products are loaded with sodium and fructose.

On the flip side, when a product has artificial flavors it can lure a consumer in to buy a product, especially for salad dressings, barbecue sauce and coffee creamers flavors. It is amazing that chemists, or food producers can combine elements to make a food taste like hazelnut, french vanilla, glazed donut, etc. This goes to show that all it takes is for the smell or taste, regardless of how its made, will influence a consumer to buy.

So what influences you to buy: good health benefits or flavors that you cannot resist and will buy at all all costs to satisfy your taste buds?