Granted we are probably in the first stage when it comes to virtual reality (VR), however the devices are pretty amazing in terms of what it can do now and the potential five to ten years from now.

Let’s think about the potential of VR. Yes, it will dramatically enhance video games and movies making them intensely interactive, — but what can it do for other things as a learning tool and the possibilities are endless.

For example, what about public speaking.  You can have a simulated stage where you perform in front of people without doing it from the mirror. Now how’s that for practicing a speech or presentation. This could help people who absolutely fear public speaking. Or what if someone has test anxiety or fear of a job interview or better yet, fear of flying. This can all be simulated using VR. I think the technology to help people is endless.

So, which device do you buy to get acclimated to VR?

I would start by getting a View-Master. Why? Here are three reasons:

  1. The Price: You can get it for as little as $15.95 on eBay or for $30 on Amazon or Walmart.  For some reason if you get excited and break it it should not be a hassle to replace it.
  2. The Apps: There are a handful of apps you can use to immediately that I think you and your family will enjoy:
    • View-Master Space – Very cool images of the solar system and Space Shuttle
    • View-Master Destinations – You will love this one as it shows the heart of NYC and DC. The 3-D dimensions look very, very real.
    • View-Master National-Geographic™ Wildlife – Another vivid app that anyone will enjoy
    • View-Master Underwater – Have not yet checked out this, but if it anything like the previous three mentioned it will provide an awesome experience.
  3. The experience: You will be dazzled and amazed to the VR experience. Walking around your home with your View-Master will expose you to a learning experience and open up your world, all with this device. Plus look for more and more apps and videos: The possibilities are endless and I’m sure it will probably be a collectible item when VR devices become better and smaller.

In addition, to the apps I just mentioned, which you can get on iTunes and Google Play, I highly recommend downloading the app Paris VR. If you want to see Paris at night and all its grandeur and architecture like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame then get this app. You will not be disappointed. I just checked iTunes and noticed that they are adding more VR apps to check out.

The reality is that Virtual Reality is here and not going to be fad. It might make some people full-time couch potatoes on one hand, however, the technology will open and expand the minds of millions of people who are open to the possibilities and want to do great things: young and old, Baby Boomers, GenXers and millennials.

So if you want to experience Virtual Reality then get on board early. It is only going to get better, which is remarkable and will change our lives as we know it.