Purina pet food for dogs and cats has changed their packaging. The name “Purina” is front and center with the dog food pack manufacturer letting consumers know that their food is quality because it is made in the US.

The company headquartered in St. Louis, MO is a subsidiary of Nestle Co.

The packaging color is still the same where they made a change is surrounding the words puppy chow or dog chow with a  hexagon. In addition to cover it now shows an adult woman with the dog instead of a child. This tells the consumer that the dog is now the child.

What is also noticeable with the new packaging is that you can now see a picture of the actual food on the left side below the type of food, i.e., chicken, the crafted by US in the middle, which clearly indicates the benefits your pet will get from the meal like “100% of Essential Nutrients with DNA; 27% Protein and Calcium. The list of these three benefits looks is laid on in a checklist form; possibly as a nod to your dog child that you are a working pet parent that uses checklists at work. Very smart packaging. I noticed the checks immediately.

The one question I have is what are DNA nutrients.

I think the packaging is positioned toward working dog and cat owners who may not have children of their own, and treat their pet as their child. They want to feed quality food to their pet child and Purina says in its packaging “we offer quality food” at a price affordable to those who cannot afford the Science Diet, Iams, or Blue.

Another note that I liked regarding their Puppy Chow packaging is that it indicated on the left hand side of the package that the food is “For Your Puppy’s 1st YEAR” in white letter with a dark blue background, which is place against a lighter blue background on the package. I counted three shades of blue on the Puppy Chow package with white letters that looks like Times New Roman and Arial meshed together.

Hope your pet enjoys the food and you enjoy the packaging update.