If you are a twenty-something, or a a thirty-something, or , even a forty to fifty something chances are you have been exposed to the Pokemon Go craze. It’s become an obsession for the million players who have downloaded the game to their mobile devices.

Despite the craze snatching up figures people have been injured, mugged and both. Three girls were attacked by a group in Redding, Ca. A girl was hit by a car in Pennsylvania catching figures.

Created by Nintendo, it is earning millions of dollars per day in revenue.

The object of the game is to catch characters using the game’s built in to collect characters wherever the game has been placed.

For example, I went to Sears with my family about a half an hour before it closed and as we were walking around the gym equipment section is when I noticed this young heavy set man, wearing dark black glasses, flannel shirt and black jeans as if he were going to see The Fine Young Cannibals in a reunion concert staring at his screen. I was wondering if he was watching a YouTube video or comparing prices.

It was neither.

Then I heard a loud “plop” sound projecting out of his mobile device as he snatched a Pokemon figure. He walked around the store some more as he and my family were the only patrons in the store. (The sales reps were staring at their phones, too, I assume counting down the minutes when the store will be closed).

It was then when another young man walked in and noticed the Pokemon player.

“Dude, what are you doing?” He asked

“Looking for characters.” The player shamelessly confessed to his friend.

So yes there is excitement with the game as well as danger. According to customers there are Pokemon characters in my supermarket and I assume the other 13,000 supermarkets across the US.

Articles have been calling this craze, augmented reality where technology and real world interact seamlessly.  However I am here to officially call this “Convergence Reality.” The reason being is that technology and the real world are finally interacting together and creating something out of nothing in an actual environment, like your supermarket, the mall or at the park.

I predict one day that we will be wearing our smart devices that will allow us the potential to alter reality forever as we know it and see the world in a new way with no turning back.

In sum, Pokemon Go is a disruptive game and game designers and developers will “virtually” build on Convergence Reality.

To players, have fun and be safe. Be brave and create your own game and change the world.