Merchandising the soup cans in my supermarket I immediately noticed that Progresso split pea soup cans, (split pea soup is widely known as the type Linda Blair famously spewed at Father Karras 42 years ago in The Exorcist) as well as their other soup products are getting a packaging makeover. The packaging is a refreshing look from what they have used for years.

Progresso, part of the General Mills company, whose headquarters are located in Minneapolis the maker of soups, broth, bread and Panko crumbs, beans, artichokes, vinegar, and clam sauce have removed made their packaging with a sleeker look could be an attempt to appealing to groups such as millennials who enjoy neat looking content and appreciate products designed with care.

The original can design had “Progresso” in a Times New Roman font with the white letters against a blue background. They also ditched the vegetables above Progresso compared to now the font looks more like Bold Arial. The word “Traditional” in yellow letters and also in Times New Roman font has now moved above the word “Progresso”  now has straight black letters. Next, the color of the packaging was rich dark blue now has softened the color to a lighter blue, which has helped bring out their content.

What was also interesting is that a picture of the food which was displayed horizontally at the bottom of can is now shown in a simple, yet elegant white soup dish. The white against the sky blue background gives the picture and the can more visual “pop”.

What was also interesting was that they also removed the term “Quality Foods” located at the top of the can. It may be implied that their food is quality so why bother indicating it.

Cool Whip has also gone with a lighter blue container. You can read my blog post on the change in their packaging from the 50 year old product. Click on the link for that post.

Many products have been going with the Arial type font: Aquafina, Bud Light, Cool Whip and Swanson are also styling up there packaging content to perhaps make their products new to customers who have not yet tried their products.

When their cans go on sale I may try the low sodium, or gluten free lentil soup, but I’ll pas on the split pea soup that includes ham.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about Progresso’s progressive packaging change.