Have you ever walked down the your favorite aisle of your supermarket, or any retail store, and you zone in and see papers hanging off the shelf? Some would call it garbage, but on the other hand, savvy customers, you and me, cannot help to take a peak and see what is there. Alas, its left over coupons from the “Coupon Fairy”.  And it’s for the item I am looking for. Yeah!

I drink Keurig K-Cups of Seattle’s Best Signature blend coffee. It is a medium blend that I like to call the poor man (person’s) equivalent to Starbuck’s Pike Place. It has a smooth taste and, admittedly, I love the packaging. According to their website the company started in the ’70s as Stewart Brothers Coffee, on Seattle’s Pier 70. Their first cups were poured shop named The Wet Whisker with beans roasted in a 12-lb. peanut roaster. Very interesting story. The company eventually relocated to Vashon Island continuing to roast and blend coffee that people love for stores across Seattle. The company business picked up steam (and creamer) we entered ourselves in a tasting competition to determine the “the best cup of coffee in Seattle.” When delicious and notably smooth taste earned them the coffee crown, they promptly changed the company name to Seattle’s Best Coffee. And their coffee is good and I like the story too. I only wish they had 12 K-cups in their boxed container, not 10.

But who am I to judge. I appreciate them making the coffee and I am just a blogger, not a coffee picker or manufacturer.

Anyway, so I was shopping for coffee and noticed that Seattle’s Best Coffee K-cups were on sale for $5.39 at Publix, reduced from $6.99, which is three dollars less than $9.99 for their regularly priced K-Cups. Then I saw a rectangular slices of thin paper hanging off the shelf. In fact there were three coupons for Seattle Best Coffee — each for a $1.5o. I was giddy with excitement, thinking that I was going to get a better deal and save three bucks on my favorite coffee in terms of price and value.

I put the box in my basket with my coupons in hand and headed to the cash register. Gotta love saving money, because every little bit helps.

So as I smiled getting to the cash register I read the expiration date: 7/8/16. The date I went to buy them 7/12/16.

My smile turned into a disappointing frown. With a sigh I placed the box back in its correct space on the shelf and grabbed a box of Green Mountain Coffee – Nantucket Blend. It was $5.99, and you got 12 K-Cup Packs. It is also a Medium Roast Coffee made from 100% Arabica Coffee, compared to Seattle’s Best Coffee that is 100% Ground Coffee.

Is there a difference between Ground vs. Arabica coffee?

So my hopes and dreams of getting a box of K-Cup coffee for $3.89 or $.39 cents per cup dashed away in an instant. From getting a great deal to being a marketer’s worst nightmare by going with the better deal. As a coffee drinker not all K-Cups taste alike, but I shop on price so Green Mountain Coffee was my choice.

The moral to the story is that you may be shopping in your local supermarket and come across a slice of paper that is a coupon for something you are already buying. Congratulations, but check the expiration date.

I did go to Seattle’s Best Coffee website and inquire about getting some coupons. But the trade off is that you have to give them your email and be redirected to quoitent.com to get on a mailing list and then print out the coupons. I’ll pass on this for now and look for deals, clip coupons the traditional way from the Sunday paper.

Or, I’ll just wait for the “Coupon Fairy”.