Futurists like Gary Vaynerchuk space and podcaster/author of the Four Hour Work Week Tim Ferris as well as publisher of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly see lots of potential virtual reality. Vaynerchuk believes that virtual reality is 10 years away from being something special where where Tim Ferris believes it’s making an impact now and has potential to do amazing things. What I’m wondering is what good it will do for society in terms of its potential. Will VR technology bring people closer together on a spiritual level as a godsend, never mind the enhanced video games, but will we as humans be able to view or create a view of what heaven, nirvana, or paradise looks like as if it bestowed upon us with divine intervention looking through a couple pairs of virtual contact lenses?

Time will tell but I think virtual-reality will be something that’s worship by people maybe too much potential is awesome but there’s also a risk of people become enslaved by it as well however I think the benefits will greatly outweigh the costs and risks. Can you imagine wearing virtual reality lenses thinking that you’re in paradise or better yet I think of the technology in place this can definitely happen where we could be in a world where everything goes just as good as can be begins closer to a divine figure as well regardless of your religious backgrounds or not even believing in a religious figure. We will see what happens in the next 10 years regarding the potential virtual reality changing our lives forever.