I’ve been examining jet.com’s website and appears that it’s pretty good although I think it needs some changes. Being a stocker it’s for a grocery store I know how it is to make customers happy and keep them coming back. Jet.com has to do the same.

Here is what I recommend they need to succeed and perhaps survive.

  1.  They need to market better deals. For example on the direct marketing card is to get $11 off and each on your first 3 orders. Wow, you get $33 dollars off, some might think. They need to offer at least $15 off per promotional order. Customers can get better deals at the supermarkets and they have.
  2. Offer Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals: Every one loves getting something for free and supermarket customers love it, because they rack up the savings — and load up on the deal. Does jet.com offer BOGO? It is not just getting a sale price; it is the context of the sale that stirs the emotions of the customer.
  3. Offer 1-day delivery: Sure it is okay to wait 2 days or a week for a book that you purchased on Amazon, but with groceries, it is totally different. Just ask mothers who need specific baby food or diapers, — they can’t wait. Speeding up the delivery time will make customers happy and happier.
  4. Offer money back guarantees. Ever open a box of granola and notice the product exceeds the expiration date? It happens more often than people think. Thus, jet.com has to give the customer the benefit of the doubt and allow them to return and or exchange the item.  When items are transported items break and it is not the customer’s burden, — it’s the retailer and supermarket. Customers need to be treated like royalty to obtain their trust and business.
  5. Provide recyclable bags and generic brand items. This will reduce costs on customers where the savings will be passed on, plus they are saving the environment.

Jet.com has potential, but the deals and promotion are still not good enough to buy groceries online. I think I’ll still stick to buying books and clothes before food and groceries for now.