Amazon is without a doubt a favorite of mine in terms of finding products I want to buy like books, and more books. However, over 265 million people shop on Amazon daily compared to those using eBay, which has about 169 million users.

They have a warehouse for sellers where they will handle all of their sellers needs, called Fulfillment By Amazon or for those in the know: FBA.

They do it for products like books, household goods, etc. But will they create warehouses in areas to deliver groceries instead of being the food broker and delivering groceries for supermarkets they currently partner with, i.e. Whole Foods.

If they do, it will absolutely be disruptive and a major threat to supermarkets. Can you imagine one day the USPS or Amazon creating their own delivery service to shop groceries to your door? It could happen and I think to some extent will happen and disrupt supermarket shopping as we know it, kind of what Uber did for transportation.