Some of us may remember that over 40 years ago that the brick phone was the hottest item that everybody wanted and nobody could afford. Fast forward to today and see how far the mobile phone has come today, thanks for major players Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Google, etc. The device was created by 43 years ago by Martin Cooper of Mot0rola. It weighed a whopping two and a half pounds and could not fit in an Otterbox. In addition, the battery life was only 20 minutes, which seems as long as an iPhone some would say, and was about 10 inches in length.

The mobile now smart phone has come a long, long way, and the visionaries may be wondering what the VR devices may look like in 40 years.

Here is what I think they are going to look like. The devices will be sleek and customized to fit the consumers’ eyes weighing no more than 10 ounces. They weigh about

You will be able to watch new movies released for the price of a movie ticket instead of walking in a movie theater.

They will help the elderly in terms of grocery shopping (I’ll explain why in an upcoming blog post) as well as improve mobility.

The classroom will be virtual giving you the feeling you are sitting in a class, especially if you cannot attend or out due to illness.

The device will make it a gazillion times easier to record videos and post your interactive experiences in social media.

I know the uses are limited to video viewing and gaming but the potential for VR is endless and I believe will alter humanity like no other technology.

Go brush off your ViewMaster and see the new world.

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