I couldn’t help myself walking up the frozen food ice cream aisle and notice the Cool Whip old and new packaging for its original flavor. It was a buy one get one (BOGO) item. But I’m thinking that they rolled out there new container packaging for the Fourth of July holiday to grab the attention of customers.

Introduced in 1966, (the product now fifty years old), by Birds Eye that within the General Foods division quickly became Birds Eye most profitable product. (source Wikipedia) Birds Eye then merged with Kraft and Philip Morris, now known as Altria Group. Then in 2006 Kraft was spun off by Altria and then nine years later merged with Heinz to become Kraft Heinz Company in 2015. Cool Whip is the most eaten brand of whipped topping cream in 2015 with 44.75 of market share; Red-Whip is a distant second with 20.57% followed by Dream Whip with 3.14%. Check out the link for more “Cool” facts on whipped cream consumption.  The old plastic packaging had a royal blue background with the infamous Cool Whip in white letters along side a strawberry used for dipping.

The new packaging was two-tone: a light blue background on one hand with slightly smaller letters for Cool Whip. The other side separated by something that looked liked a sine curve had their traditional blue color. The strawberry is still there but was covered in half by the product.

I got to tell you that the new color design is awesome. It was calming to be frank; it was almost like looking at a clear sky with the Cool Whip letters acting as clouds. Very nice job with the new packaging. It gave me pause to do a double-take for the food that has been a fixture for 50 years.

In addition to the new look, they added a can of whipping cream to rival Red-Whip. Bakers of all walks as well as lovers of tilting the can and pressing the top to chug down the light cream will now an alternative to choose from. For a product that has been around for so long to make a change in its packaging is smart. In theory it makes a product that has been around for years look new. Plus using the color blue gives it a royal, yet trusting look. Just check out my posts on Bud Light and Aquafina and you may agree.

Great job Kraft keeping Cool Whip new and “Cool”.