Who would have thought that Publix, Uber and SpaceX (the rocket company created by Elon Musk) made the list of Fortune magazine top 25 most important companies. For the complete list click here.

So what does a supermarket, a disruptive car company and a rocker manufacturer who wants to fly to Mars in the next two years? They do things that other people are not doing.

arePublix provides outstanding customer service. The CEO and President, Todd Jones, started out in the company as a grocery bagger and with hard work, lots of sweat equity and determination became the president and now CEO, effective 5/1.2016. He probably works in the range of 60 to 80 hours a week and genuinely thanks and cares for all Publix employees regardless of the level.

Publix employees will greet you and eventually get to know you on a first name basis. They will walk you to the product when you ask for something, For example bottled water, is on aisle 16. Have no receipt for a product. No problem, here’s a store credit. Don’t like your product. No problem. As Publix states in their customer service department: “We will never knowingly disappoint you.” Founded by George Jenkins on September 6, 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida, Mr. George’s mission is to provide the customer whatever they wanted and to treat them like royalty. Does your supermarket do that? If not, you might want to tell your manager to be treated better. Publix is also the largest employee owned company in the world with over 180,00 shareholders, whether you are a full or part-time employees. Great benefit. Awesome culture. Publix crushes the competition and deserves the spot on Fortune’s top 25 list of most important private companies. Publix is located in eight states and has now 1,117 stores. They purchased 10 stores in Virginia in July and are slowly growing and most importantly profitable and ethical. y.

Congratulations Publix.

Check out their website: http://www.publix.com

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