After my wife and I dropped our son off at technology camp we walked along the upper east side of Manhattan for some food. We crossed the street on first avenue and 72nd street and came across Morton Williams supermarket. There were blue pallets outside with supplies. It was about 8:45 in the morning and we walked in. The shelves were merchandised well. And they were filled with products. 

What surprised me was that there was a section filled with all types of oil, including pumpkin. Pumpkin. What are the uses of that orange stuff. By the way it cost twenty bucks for a 20 ounce container La Tournangelle Pumpkin Oil. What also caught my attention was the yogurt in glass containers they were small but the taste was excellent I guess glass beats plastic anytime.

According to their flyer there are 12 locations in Manhattan, seven are open 24 hours. 

Good prices for NYC and it is not flashy like a Whole Foods market, which is fine with me. 

My only recommendation would be the customer service. There wasn’t any. The cashier greeted us quasi warmly after we paid.

I asked her curiously “How many locations are there.” She said you can find that information in the flyer. 

The aisles were narrow but like I said the shelves were near and packed.

I higher recommend anyone traveling to New York City to bypass whole foods and get better deals and product at Morton Williams — The Freah Marketplace.