I’m going to assume that when you have purchased your automobile (new or used) or discussed your starting salary at your new company or renting your apartment that you did some negotiating to get the best deal possible.

Well, what if I told you that you can also negotiate prices and deals at a supermarket. You might reply “Really?”, yes you can. Here are three ways how:

1.) If there is an item that you wanted to purchase that is not on the shelf then you can substitute a similar item for a higher priced item. I recently did it for a bag of hash browns for a customer. The brand he wanted on the shelf was not available so I asked if he wanted the more expensive brand as a substitute for the same price of the brand he wanted. He said sure. Deal was done, and the customer was extremely happy.

2) Use coupons from other supermarkets in yours. For example you see a coupon for $5 off from a competitive supermarket if you spend over $50 dollars in groceries. They will more than likely honor item. Keep in mind that the supermarket industry is highly competitive and they want your business and will 99 times out of 100 honor a competitors coupon. Try it and let me know if it worked.

3) If you are into retail arbitrage to sell on Amazon FBA, check out theamazingseller.com. So you see a lot of clearance items on the shelf that you want to buy an resell. If you want to buy the lot of items you can ask the grocery or store manager if you can get an even deeper discount for the items that caught your eye. Again, they want your business and will work with you.

Negotiating is more than acceptable at your supermarket. If you ask for something to get a a better deal, the worst thing they can tell you is “No.”. But more than likely you will get a “Yes”. They want your business and to make you happy and will do whatever it takes it to keep you coming back and leave your experience a positive one. If not, chances are they’ll be out of business.