Bliss ™ Reduce Stress bottles and other types shaped like mini bowling pins are very popular in my supermarket. The bottles are colorful as as well as the flavors such as White Raspberry in the photo I took in the title. Anything that cost a little more than one dollar with only 35 calories and no artificial flavors. The manufacturer neuro® seems to be doing well as people are grabbing bottles off the shelves.

However, there’s one problem…

When I was merchandising the water aisle I noticed that six of the Bliss bottle caps were cracked. All it takes is for one customer or their child to pluck one from the shelf and lacerate their fingers. Not a pretty picture. And believe me, their caps are sharp; feeling like shards of plastic.

If the caps are cracking and breaking in my store, they are happening in many of the stores where they are sold too.

My suggestion is a more flexible cap maybe covered in plastic could work and eliminate waste and their product would work.

Go ahead and grab your Bliss bottle, but be gentle with it to reduce stress instead of experiencing  a panic attack.