Glad Bags is going through plastic surgery in terms of it packaging. The maker of plastic, bags and containers as well as garbage bags for just about every size has updated its packaging for its Sandwich bags.

Let’s take a closer look.

Their original packaging had the Glad brand name on the left hand side of the box and a picture of a half of turkey sandwich on white bread on the right hand side. They also had white print indicating “180 Bags” followed by Sandwich Bags in small white letters in a red background. Just above the description was the words “Fold-Top” in red letters with a white frame around each letter.

With their new packaging you can notice that “GLAD” is more prominent on the box. In addition, the “180” is also enlarged and by itself in green. Also in green is the word “Sandwich” which is just above the term “Fold Top (in bold letters) Bags” in white letters against a green background. What is interesting is that the brand now indicates that the bags are BPA Free and Microwave Safe.

These are big changes going BPA free. Parents will love that feature as well as not having to take an item out like a sandwich to heat in a microwave dish or plate that has been used hundreds of times, – now you can just use the bag.

I like their packaging upgrade. The font is bold and even the picture of the sandwich is bigger. The bags being BPA is a huge plus and it will get noticed by savvy consumers, which could ramp up sales.

Great idea with the new sandwich bags inside and outside the package. “GLAD” to see it.