When you walk down your supermarket aisle do you ever notice how many types of cereals exists. There are hundreds and hundreds of them. Originally dominated by Kellogg’s, companies like Quaker Oats, Post, General Mills and others are making sure their stake exists on the shelves.

The marketing is pretty intense. Watch any TV program on the Nickelodeon network and you will see at least two cereal ads placed  throughout one 30 minute program.

Is that good? Well it depends. Cereal for many families is an integral part of every breakfast. The food, however, is filled with sugar and grains as it is in Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast crunch. With a steady rise in diabetes and obesity can we partly blame the cereal manufacturers for this. Some would argue eating cereal filled with sugar is not a good idea. It raises insulin levels. Having it with milk is important for vitamins but does it make eating cereal better or does not help at all.

Thus as a grocery clerk on a mission  I am aware that cereal is an expensive meal but there must be a healthy dialogue on manufacturing it with less sugar and preservatives.

Feel free to share your views on marketing cereals and the nutritional value.