Keurig, known for its coffee makers and K-Cups that has disrupted coffee drinking as we know it today has updated their packaging boxes. The new look is basic. The word Keurig has been enlarged and placed on the top left hand corner of the front of the packaging and the type has been made smaller in white letters behind a purple background as is in the case of Hazelnut.

In addition, the Green Mountain Coffee tag is no longer inside the oval circle but rather has been placed adjacent to the oval circle, which now has a picture of green mountains covered in what it looks to be snow and the ground. The boxes give it a nice feel. Simple yet elegant. The brand flavor types like Hazelnut, Dark Magic, Nantucket Blend etc. boxes remain predominately green, the difference now with the new packaging is that Keurig has enlarged the font of its brand name, which interrupts consumers, as it needs too. In an extremely competitive K-Cup market coffee manufacturers need to target in a way that is tactful and not over the top.

What is also noticeable is that the new boxes have eliminated the white border at the bottom cover of the box, with a crooked line that looks like a poorly perforated tear in a piece of paper, placed about half way on the box cover. The left side provides the product details: Brand name, number of pod cups, and flavor. What is interesting is that under the flavor in the picture of this blog post says “Artificially Flavored Coffee”. Customers love coffee, however, they like a natural cup too. But Keurig states that the Hazelnut flavor as “artificial” in such a discreet, subtle form of way, that the consumer, avid coffee drinker (ACD) gives it a pass. They say, it is not natural, but it tastes good, so I’ll buy it anyway. Ironically, the picture on the right of the box of hazelnut beans that look “natural”.

Here’s another plus it has going for them. In supermarkets that carry it like Publix, the packaging contains twelve coffee pods, compared to Starbucks that sells ten pods. You get more value for your hard earned disposable income. If Starbucks added two more pods in every box, they would have me as a buyer of their K-Cups every time. I love Pike Place but at $9.99 a box or $6.99 when they go on sales for ten pods I just can’t do it and find the alternative like Seattle’s Best, that is less expensive with 10 coffee pods or Keurig Hot of McDonald’s K-Cups that has twelve cups.

Starbucks, make me an advocate and add two more pods to your packaging. Watch sales, that are strong, move mountains.

I like the new look for Keurig Hot. They created a disruptive coffee maker and added coffee, lots of types and flavors, to boot.

The packaging is simple, with an organic look for artificially flavored coffee. They have added a more expensive organic coffee too, but I am priced out it as a grocery clerk who loves coffee in the morning.