If supermarkets are looking for ways to improve the needs of their customers then here are 5 things they can do.

  1. Be remarkable: All it takes is to go above and beyond to go out of your way to satisfy one customer and your store will be a hit, especially if that person is a sneezer, and spreads the word to other friends and people, that will attract new customers and strengthen the bond for those who already shop at that location.
  2. Offer new products: Yes people like products they are familiar with but they also like to try new products that will benefit their needs and wants. Give them a chance to buy new products and quickly refund them if they return them because they did not meet their expectations.
  3. Keep your store clean, neat and presentable: A clean supermarket enhances the overall shoppers experience and will keep them coming back.
  4. Hire stock clerks who care: This is a tough one because a stock clerk who gets paid less than 10 bucks an hour may be just passing through and is not working on benefitting the needs of every customer and thus misses opportunities to generate sales by not having items stocked on the shelf when they are in the stock room. It would be something if managers hired stock clerks, full or part time, and paid decent wages with affordable benefits. It could be a great lead market and attract better clerks.
  5. Managers must acknowledge the overall staff and thank them for their hard work and service. Employees may not be receptive to it and are just passing through and that’s fine. Chances are they won’t be there long. However, thanking those who work hard and ethically on a daily basis regardless if their full or part-time will increase job satisfaction and retain a more experienced staff.

These principles can be applied to any work environment, but especially apply to working in a supermarket where employees cannot hide behind a water cooler or check out Facebook posts in their cubicle. There is no where to hide and customers needs can be challenging. Problem solving skills is also a plus and working in a supermarket will enhance those skills.