Anne’s Old Fashioned Dumplings is a very popular, niche frozen food item, used to bake pies, and is known in the Southeastern part of the US. The company was founded by Mildred Anne Briley Grimes in 1950 after Anne received a copy of The Betty Crocker Cookbook at her door. This lit a spark and inspired her to bake her first cake which she sold for $3.

She was nine years old when she started an entrepreneur.

She was inspired to open up bakery called the Rolling Pin that baked everything s—except dumplings—and wondered what else God had in mind for her. So she began baking dumplings. And when that took off, she closed down her bakery and launched her business. The company is called Harvest Time Foods, and has been in business since 1981. Located in North Carolina, the company has been selling dumplings ever since. 

When you are in any supermarket you can typically find them with the frozen pasta or novelty frozen items.

And for a second they were a clearance item. Oh no, no more Anne’s dumplings! Wait it was Mary B’s dumplings that are now gone. Anne’s are new to my supermarket.

Their packaging is simple yet eye catching, that has a red bleed print surrounding the yellow background. The red/yellow contrast works. This is a big change from their plastic packaging that were extremely challenging; now with the packaged boxes they will be easier to merchandise as well as get the attention of new customers, — like me.

In addition, when you think of dumplings you think of them of being unhealthy to eat. I don’t know what the saturated fat content is. Until now. Per the front of the package, the dumplings are Healthy, No Fat, No Cholesterol and No Salt. Wow. I’m impressed. To cook them they have to get doused in oil, but I’m sure there is a healthy alternative to eat them.

With the exception of eating dumplings in any Chinese restaurant I may take a pass on them and try Anne’s.

The bottom line is that the packaging is smart. The box is glossy, the content is folksy, which gives its appeal to their core consumers and should attract new cooks who want to back pot pies or whatever else you can use to cook them.

I love the box! Being sold in Publix should help grow their interest and business.