Clorox, the liquid bleach company started in 1913 by William and Annie Murray in Oakland, California has changed the packaging of its value packs.

In the picture above the image on the left shows two green bottles of Clinging Beach Gel. The bottles are held in thin cardboard base showing that it is a value pack. The image on the right encloses both bottles, but it also covers both bottles. It looks like the packaging is a way to promote its bleach, rather than promote the bottle of Clinging Beach Gel.

The packaging is clean and bold, but will it appeal to customers to pick up the two pack or will it make consumers select one bottle for just about half the price.

When I first looked at the wrapped packaging I could have sworn it was new product. It was not, the only thing that changed was how it was covered.

The way I originally viewed it is the content is very minimal. It displays the Clorox infamous long diamond with a read stripe covering the perimeter, followed by the dark blue inner portion and finally with the white Clorox letters spread across on upward slant pointing to the top right hand side. There is a yellow stripe under the Clorox name and underneath that is a mini image of a Clorox bottle that says “kills 99.9 percent of all germs followed by facts about the bottle.

My first impression was that it was good. It looked like Clorox was changing it general bleach bottle, but no — it was promoting its bleach.

I believe the packaging is nice, however, I recommend that they need to use the original clear packaging, for the simple reason is that you cannot see the bottles. This can confuse the customer, and if the packaging gets updated for all of its value packs will the packaging look the same?

I thought the packaging was cool, it looked cool to a younger audience, but could confuse consumers.

Clorox, take my advice keep the new wrapped packaged content and make it clear to see. Any customer needs to trust in the content as well as what’s in the package. In the case with the new packaging, the less the product can be seen due to it covered in the brand.

Clorox, be innovative and make the value packs visible.