Should potato chips be packaged in boxes and cereal in plastic bags?

Imagining walking down the potato chip aisle and seeing them packaged in boxes. It is hard to imagine. The same would be the case if you walked down the cereal aisle and all you see are plastic bag packages.

Walk into any supermarket, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, etc. and I can assure you that for dry groceries the aisles stretch down the entire aisle. Based on my experience however, I have had to take off the shelves more damaged cereal boxes than bags of potato chips.

And if I’m pulling boxes off the shelf than tens of thousands of other stores are doing the same. The product is damaged out and moved to the salvage pile. However, the damaged potato chips bags are a couple of bags a week at most.


Because plastic bags are more durable; not as pretty looking on the shelves but the food maintains in the bag. I can’t tell you how many Quaker Oats bars I have to remove because the perforated section on the the front of the box is open. Lots of boxes, lots of lost revenue.

Here is a way to get the attention of a customer and be remarkable. Package your food differently from the pack. Totino’s is doing it with their rectangular shaped pizza in thiner, durable plastic bags. Plastic bags, made well are durable and don’t rip.

I think cereal should try it too. Make the entire bag plastic and offer a zip lock to seal it.

Is it remarkable? It could be for the cereal maker who is disruptive and takes the chance.

By the way, if you see potato chips in a paper box, please send a pic and post it to this blog.

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