If I had to guess on average there are 40,000 items in any supermarket. It seems impossible — but yet it is true.

Some of items have changed and others have stayed the same.

Should all of them change even if they don’t need to.

Yes they should. It keeps things fresh.

It is a marketing device in that supermarkets reset their stores every five years. In other words, the best supermarkets move the apple sauce from aisle five to aisle one. The soda aisle moves with the snacks. The bread aisle is sold with the peanut butter and jelly.

The process of resetting the supermarket products. Sometimes all 40,000 items takes an a stock clerk army, They work overnight, get fed, load up the milk crates and reset the items on the shelf. The process also helps remove discontinued items, as well as expired items. Lots of changes to make the store look new inside without changing the name.

They say the only thing constant in life is change, whether it is apple sauce, ice cream or taco sauce, changing product design and content is inevitable and required for a product to survive and stand out.

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