Design Rules Now”– Seth Godin, from his book The Purple Cow

Purple Cow  : Transform your business by being remarkable is a book written by marketing guru Seth Godin and published in 2003, is 100% correct when it comes to food design. If a product does not have the right design or flavor and cannot win over an audience the probability is high that the product will end up on the clearance shelf.

It happens all the time. Just want into any supermarket and you’ll see if for yourself.

Consumers are more than ever harder to please. They are savvy about buying products and only want the best and the cheapest. It doesn’t always work out for a consumer to have both, which is why product packaging needs to dazzle or stand out.

For example, two products that come to mind are Totino’s Party Pizza and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. Totino’s pizza has converted it packaging from cardboard to plastic and its shape from circular to rectangular. This allows more products to end up in the frozen pizza aisle side by side with Tombstone and Red Baron, among others. The pizza quality might be the greatest, but the packaging and price is.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale product and packaging tells the same story in the their twelve ounce bottles, — just the right amount of packaging, simple yet different and kind of remarkable because it stands out in my opinion. The taste is memorable and you will taste the ginger without it going overboard.

Seth Godin says that products need to be remarkable. When the industry leaders go one way you need to go into the other direction to stand out or risk ending up with your products on the clearance item because they are boring and ordinary.

Godin provides three more powerful short sentences of advice, but you need to buy the book or get it from your local library to find out. It is worth the time to read or listen to it.

A big MOOOOOO to Seth Godin, a remarkable visionary who understand marketing and life at an extraordinary level.

Maybe he should be referred to as Seth “Goldin”, The King of Marketing.

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