I’m sure you have read the news about the rise of the robot revolution. They are coming to take away everyone’s job.

Or not.

Admittedly, robots offer many benefits.

  1. They have boundless energy: Can you imagine your robot taking an hour break and hanging out at the water fountain or going outside in the back and having a smoke? Oh, please. Maybe an oil break to ward off the rust.
  2. They are programmable to do whatever you want: Robot, please block the shelves and fill them. Robot response “No problem, I’ll have in done in less than 10 minutes; I’ll even bag groceries, too.”
  3. They are trained to think logically..and…is this is the biggest benefit.
  4. They don’t earn a salary: No paycheck, no health insurance, no problem.

Now, do we want to bring in robots to do the job of a stock clerk, for example. They may be able to stock shelves faster than your average stock clerk, and they will more than likely be programmed to merchandise more efficiently than the best supermarket stock clerk.

This may be true, but can they remember stories they receive from customers and be genuinely interested in their needs and benefits? Or, can they make suggestions to customers to try new products?

It is going to be interesting over the next ten years to see the real impact of robots and their role in society.

Now here is something to think about: What happens if the customers have robots at home to handle their grocery shopping and be among the robot stock clerks.

Very scary thought, indeed