This headline is my creed.

We have been ingrained with the theme don’t make a mistake, or you failed with such and such.

When you fail at something we feel like a failure or are made to feel like one whether we cannot selling groceries or build a business, website, etc.

However failing is a good thing and is without a doubt necessary to succeed.

Maybe you are selling groceries or making a recipe and the customer does not want what you have to sell or you add too much tobacco sauce to your recipe or you screw up and accounting report and your supervisor rips into you like you have set off the apocalypse.

Regardless of the scenario, please remember this: Failing is a good thing.


Because you learn from the experience and process and get better.

For example, what if Oprah gave up on the OWN Network or Wayne Gretzky gave up on hockey after missing the net on his first slapstick shot? Or if Edison gave up after 99 times creating the light bulb?

Whatever you try, whether it is buying groceries, selling, coding, building your business, always remember to keep on failing, — it’s a good thing. Run up the flagpole and try something else that might work better. Supermarkets don’t want to disappoint their customers, but sometimes it’s inevitable. However the store does not close down when things don’t go well. No, rather they get on their feet and keep on trying to help the next customer with the right products, and so on.

Failing at something paves the road to success, in business and in life.