Let’s face it shopping for groceries at your supermarket can be both a pleasure and pain. First, food prices are rising, which crowds disposable income to feed ourselves and our families. In addition, we have so many choices that it can make anybody’s head spin less the bulging eyes. If you don’t think so, just walk down your supermarket’s cereal aisle. It is a wall of cardboard boxes.

Here’s a project for my readers. I challenge you to walk down your cereal aisle and count how many types of are sold and.paste your pic in the comment section of my blog and share with the readers how many you counted.

So how can you improve your shopping experience at the supermarket. Here are 5 ways that can help. I call this HAPUD appraoch.

  1. Have self control. For example if you see a sale or an item for canned goods for 1o for $10.00 you don’t have to buy ten cans. You can five or two and each can will still cost a buck. Typically the excess cans end up in your pantry unused and that it wasted money. Also, don’t grab items from the cashier’s aisle for convenience purposes. You waste a lot of money at the register grabbing out of hunger a teeny bag of Goldfish. Instead, walk up the aisle and grab a larger size bag. This will save you money and get more bang for your buck.
  2. Ask for something that you want that is not on the shelf. Typically consumers give up when something you want is not on the shelf or not sold in the store. Before driving or commuting to another supermarket you can ask the store manager to order the product for you. What will be done is that you request the product and the store manager will have someone in customer service order it for you. Then when you come into the store you can pick up the product ordered just for you. Supermarkets want to retain their customers, just ask any manager at Publix or Kroger’s. It is no big deal to have a customized order just for you.
  3. Prepare a shopping list in advance. Writing your list on a piece of paper and budgeting  what you are going to spend is a smart idea. I’ve seen families easily spend well over $200 of groceries in a day. Consumers can quickly get off track and give into their impulses for example  by loading up multiple 12 pack cans of Coke or $10 worth of salty potato chips and toss in a pint of vanilla ice cream. (I’ve been there and have done this) As you load up on snacks on your basket catch yourself and trade your basket for a buggy and go for the box of organic salad  with an avocado along with low salt pita chips and a gallon of water (get some Crystal Light or Mio if you need to add flavor to your water. Also get Fro-yo ice cream instead. You and your stomach will appreciate how it feels the next morning,  And don’t forget to use coupons. Every dollar  you save counts! There is no shame in using them.
  4. Use a shopping cart instead of a basket. Studies show that consumers who use basket tend to load up on snacks more then using a shopping cart. Grab chips, ice cream and a bottle of wine or cans of soda can easily run you a tab of $30. Instead choose healthy alternatives like bottled water, pita chips and fro-yo ice cream It will cost you half the cost and you won’t wake up feeling like you broke your diet or have a stomach ache.
  5. Donate some food and use recycled bags. I think that helping other either by donating canned goods and bottled water will greatly improve the lives of others. If you see someone in need, offer food or a sandwich. What you donate to other the universe will donate to you. Also used recycled bags to help the environment. If you prefer plastic bags fine, just make sure to recycle them or return them in a plastic bag bin at your supermarket.

The bottom line is to help yourselves and help others and make your supermarket experience a great one.