Chung’s frozen egg rolls looks like it has slightly updated its packaging on their Vegetable Egg Rolls.

Known for their popular egg rolls and potstickers I noticed that the packaging on their Vegetable Egg Rolls now has white letters within a green background. What was also noticeable is that the word “Chung’s” was moved to the center of the box with their tag line “Gourmet Quality” just below.

Whether it is MorningStar Farms, Tandoori, Bud Light and Aquafina food and beverage manufacturers are scaling back the packaging content to give it a simpler look.

I think it is a smart idea and will pay off in the long-run because too much content can overload the consumer, and too little does not give the consumer enough to decide whether or not to purchase the product.

Going out to eat Chinese food in the US is still very popular and people enjoy egg and vegetable rolls. However, if consumers can buy just an egg roll without going to the restaurant that is similar to restaurant quality is what sets Chung’s apart, for now, from competitors. The market for Asian cuisine is growing as PF Chungs and Innovasion expand their product line

However, packaging is key and if the product is appealing to the customer they will take action and try it out, that is — if the packaging is not overwhelming as well as it not being too expensive

So enjoy your Chung’s egg rolls and other gluten free products.

Don’t forget to grab some duck sauce in the ethnic aisle to dunk them in