Bottled water is a very competitive industry. You don’t have to be a brand expert to know what is going on in the beverage industry as consumers are buzz.

I am assuming this is an attempt to retain its standing as the leading some more of the market share Aquafina has updated its packaging design with a simpler look. Owned by Pepsico, the bottled water company got splashed on when Pepsi came clean and admitted that their water was filtered and purified using tap water in 2007. For more click here to read the article by

However the leading bottled water company is known for its HydRO-7 water according to an  article by that it’s “purified through a rigorous, seven-step process called HydRO-7™”, a “state-of-the-art process that includes reverse osmosis and other filtering and purification methods.”

They have a lot of competition such as Coca Cola’s Dasani, Nestlé’s Pure Life, and Glacéau’s Smartwater as well as local supermarkets producing their own brand and regional makers like Zephyrhills natural spring water out of Florida.

This is the first design change that was first sold in Wichita, Kansas in 1994. The letters originally looked liked a narrower squeezed together making them look like a taller version of Times New Roman with mountains peaking above it that some would say looks like movement from a graph of a stock with the sun added for effect. The original design also had a red semi-circle underlining it.

Now the new design displays the letters both bolder and straight. I would not say the new font is Arial but it looks close. Any readers who can identify the font please let me know. The mountain range is still there but not as prominent in the original packaging. What is also noticeable is that the color of the packaging is now a royal blue compared to the standard blue from its original packaging design. Bud Light has also went for the Royal Blue design packaging with less content. You can check out my blog post when I discussed this move — read Bud Light has a new design going bold and blue.

I rarely purchase Aquafina or Dasani and would only buy it at a ball game that only sold Coke or Pepsi Products. My family and I have scaled back on soda consumption and are now consuming spring water on a daily basis. We need to stay hydrated and are getting more off put by the carbonated water and sugar that is challenging the health of our nation.

I like the simpler design; it stands out more on the shelf. However, I am not aware of the HydRO-7™ process and it is not a selling point for me to purchase the water. I prefer filtered spring water. You can taster the difference from spring to tap water. Spring water tastes smoother and water that doesn’t have any chemicals is water I want to drink.

I would have recommended Aquafina to use go with with a more earthy color for their packaging like green or a light orange/red combo. It would grab the attention from consumers immediately and attract new consumers.

As I mentioned the bottled water business is booming. Water is a necessity for our health and the more natural and filtered the water is the better it will be for our health and to benefit drinkers who need it most like children and baby boomers.

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A toast to Aquafina. Drink water for health.