There are two primary responsibilities for any grocery clerk. The first one is to stock items on the shelves for consumers to buy.

The second one is to sell. Sell a lot.

Think about this, automobile consultants needs cars on the lot to sell; retailers need clothes on the racks to sell; real estate brokers need homes to sell.  Even a seller on Amazon must have garlic get the fist spot. If you think I’m kidding check out The Amazing Seller podcast and you’ll understand why. Without any goods available in the store or in a virtual store then a salesperson cannot sell.

Which gets me to my next point. Okay so you landed a sales position selling advertising for a top media company and you know the rewards of selling, but you are a little skittish in regards to prospecting and meeting new customers. I get it the fear of rejection and receiving a no response is part of the process.

Think of sales like a game with the objective is to acquire the most prospects to help build your business and secure your financial future. There are rules of course, engaging your customer and treating them, your community and your company in an ethical manner. There are others like not undermining a colleague to get ahead, that is a big no-no.

So how do you prospect. Go online, read newspapers, listen to the radio, etc. not all at once but you get the picture. This is step one. Going out and meeting people, prospect podcasters for show you like, just get out there and engage. That is step two.

You may say to yourself: “This is hard, I’m not sure I can do it.”

No worries. If you want some inspiration, here is what I recommend you do. Go to your favorite supermarket and observe a grocery clerk on any Sunday afternoon. Watch them as they will prospect every customer within 10 feet of them. They will say “Hello, can I help you find something today?” Some customers will brush them off; others won’t even acknowledge them.

Then there is the other 30% percent who will engage and say the magic word.


Once they say it, a salesperson’s world opens up and the process begins.

It is a great feeling for any salesperson to help a customer, benefitting them by fulfilling their needs and making a sale. It’s a win-win.

Now here’s the thing that differentiates grocery clerks from the pack. That is, they are immune to being rejected by a customer. They don’t lose sleep over it; they get it not to be offended when a customer wants to be left alone, and it happens a lot.

That is why again, to be great at sales you must prospect as many people as possible. Not every prospect is going to be great and some of them can’t pay and you’ll learn more about that as your sales experience and confidence grows.

So here is my call to action for any new or seasoned salesrep or account manager. I dare you to go favorite supermarket that you like and engage with a grocery clerk. They are going to be busy, but I can almost assure you they are going to more than willing to talk about sales and how they engage customers. You may have to seek out older grocery clerks, because chances are they have a story to tell. (Telling stories is another great selling tool when engaging with your prospects and customers.)

If you do this please share your story by sending me an email to and for your bravery will receive a free one page PDF cheat sheet on 11 ways to sell like a grocery clerk and grow your business.

Happy selling. Never give up and always remember when selling. Think of ever person is a prospect and never be afraid to hear “no”.