Flipz chocolate covered pretzels previously packaged in 10 ounce containers has switched from the cardboard tins to plastic bags containing 5 to 7.5 ounces per bag. Coming in flavors ranging from birthday cake, milk chocolate, white fudge and chocolate mint has ditched those neat looking tins for, what I assume is a more efficient way to package their popular snack.

I think it will help the manufacture by allowing grocers to shove a few more bags on the shelf and with products that have also made the switch recently like Totino’s and Morningstar Farms it is less expensive for the retailer and allows the savings in packaging cost to be pushed down to the consumer.

Candy products are an extremely popular item for supermarkets. The produce margins are typically higher than products like canned vegetables for example. Now that Flipz has shrunk their packaging to sealed plastic bags now they can have three facings per product on the shelf rather than two with the plastic canisters.

I do wonder how many consumers are going to remember that they once contained 10 ounces are are now deducted by 25 percent.

How many more companies will continue converting to plastic sealed bags. I will report them here when they do as well as provide my analysis on other changes in packaging design

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