“I like these new packages” a supermarket customer mentioned to me about Morningstar’s new packaging from boxes to sealable bags for products like their patties and chicken nuggets.

Morningstar was given a resounding thumbs up from one of my customers last week for its new packaging which gives the consumer the opportunity to reseal the bags for its veggie burgers and patties.

The company has updated their packaging a few months ago in I what I perceive as an effort to updated its brand as it competes with brands such as Boca, Amy’s and Quorem. From my observation their best sellers are their soy bacon strips, sausage links, chicken nuggets and black bean patties. The vegetarian based burgers are very popular.

  1. They are filled with lots of protein, good for those non vegetarians and vegetarians.
  2. Meat prices have skyrocketed over the past few years so consumers get a better price.
  3. In terms of cooking versatility you can grill them or cook them using a convection oven or the microwave.
  4. They taste really good.

The sealed packages offers many benefits for customers however, if box used for placing four packages is empty in the freezer the customers assumes more often than not that the shelf is empty and walks away. Plus. the boxes used to keep the packages in the box are challenging to shelve in the freezer of my supermarket because the length of the box is taller. Stock clerks are put in a “Catch 22” to use the boxes on one hand to keep the packages intact or go with out them and keep your fingers crossed that the packages do not move.

Their boxed packaging has changed as well. The Morningstar letters are now larger and the color white. It looks like they are trying to lure baby boomers whose eyesight has worsened because of technology and needs their brand name to stand out.

Happy Vegie shopping.