Fruttare  frozen fruit bars are very popular. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream and sugar pops for the summer, Fruttare  bars offers flavors like Black Cherry, Lime, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango etc. just to name a few. So as I was merchandising the frozen food section at my supermarket I quickly noticed their boxed packaging got a facelift.

The packaging is very vibrant. Lots of color reflecting a tropical climate with their letters Fruttare slanting slightly up and to the right. The picture of the fruit bar on the left hand side. Now the new packaging displays the image of the fruit bar appearing on the right hand side and as well as their brand name slightly enlarged up against a darker blue background. The background might resemble water. Also, blue is a color that denotes trust. So if you are on a job interview a blue blouse or suit my give you an edge.

In addition, they moved the fruit bar from the left to the right hand side and changed the font to quasi standard arial look, which I believe takes away from differentiating themselves from their competitors.

In my view, I believe the packaging change could work. It almost gives the packaging a new appeal and could attract new customers, which I would imagine is the goal for food manufacturers when they give their packaging a facelift.

When I went on the Fruttare website I liked how they emphasized the use of water and that they use real fruit from farms to make their products. Larger letters on packaging works better and less content makes the product more approachable to consumers. I believe this will especially appeal to baby boomers who are aging and looking for nutritional benefits eating healthy during a hot summer.

It will be interesting to see if their competitor, Whole Fruit, responds and gives their packaging a facelift too. A box of Fruttare or Whole Foods costs about four bucks a box. I’m not sure if consumers are loyal to either brand. Customers like a good deal and are quick to by either when it is being offered as a  BOGO (Buy One Get One). Plus throw in a coupon and customers will snatch up to 10 boxes and shove them in their freezer to get the deal.

I will be watching from a quantitative view to see if the packaging change by Fruttare benefits them in terms of drawing attention to their product or if they were just bored and decided to change the packaging just for the heck of it.

Enjoy your fruit bars. Tell me which frozen fruit bars you prefer in the comments section.