Picture this. Your wife gives you a shopping list with a budget of your limit to spend. But you left the coupons at home. Aw…you fill in the blank.

Maybe you feel ashamed to use coupons because of what kind of stigma it represents, — that is you may be perceived as a penny pincher, cheapskate, etc. You shouldn’t feel that way if you do. However check out the ideas below for ways to shop smart without coupons.

  1. Buy the generic version instead. I know, I know who wants to get the supermarket brand of cola instead of a real 2 litter of Coke or Pepsi? I understand but some products like cereal and sugar come from the same food manufacturer, the only difference is the packaging. For example, Publix 4 pound bag of sugar is made from the same producer as Dixie Crystals sugar. Same product just the same packaging.
  2. If you see a coupon on the product take it and use it. Vendors love to stick coupons on packaging, — especially if they are promoting a new product. You get a deal and use a coupon. Can someone say “Cha – Ching.”
  3. Check out clearance items section, Maybe you are looking for wine, party goods are coffee. If you are not too picky for some items then I would highly suggest perusing the clearance section items are discontinued and still are very good quality. Check it out.
  4. If and item says 10 for $10 you don’t have to buy 10 items to get a deal. Oh, no. Buy 5 items or 1 item. You still get the item at the cash register for a buck.
  5. Go to the registered with the most experienced cashiers. If you have time, go on the lines with cashiers who have a longer line. Why? Because they are aware of coupons in the flyer that you may not be aware of and they will be more than happy of finding a coupon for you. It has happened to me several times when I was not aware of a coupon, but the cashier was. Let’s be real. Every dollar helps.
  6. Don’t make impulse purchases for groceries in front of the cashier like an overpriced bottle of 16.9 ounce Coke. Go up the aisle and buy a six pack of warm soda for $2.50 instead.
  7. At all costs, stay away from the lottery machines. Save your money. Instead stick every unused buck in a jar and use it to buy silver coins, a share of FaceBook, or pay your bills. Maybe put it towards for a book for your child, or you. Remember every dollar counts, so be conscious of where your dollars go.

If you have ideas of what grocery store issues you would like me to include in my blog or would like to be notified of upcoming blog posts please send me an to groceronamission@gmail.com.

Enjpy your trip to the supermarket. Make it an adventure.