In a recent article in the February 2016 issue of Fast Company, Gatorade will be selling a  “smart cap” bottle, to track every sip, gulp or chug you drink. Sales of the thirst quencher have slipped 18% year after year since 2009, in part due to the fierce competition from brands like Red Bull, PowerAde, Monster, etc. so now it is trying to take back the energy drink consumption by going to the next level and record the data of athletes’ and the common person who consumes to replenish their thirst, — or to get over a hangover.

The article mentions that every bottle will be filled with a drink formula that corresponds to an individual player’s sweat type. There will also be a microchip and turbine in the spout to measure how much the athelete takes with every sip. In addition, the bottle will have LED lights on the cap to help the athlete or consumer track and pace how much their drinking.

This is an interesting innovation to say the least. Who knows if this type of technology can be transferred to other types of beverages like soda or beer. “Hey, John”, your bottle is lighting up, you are drinking way too much Coke, better slow it down.”

Maybe this type of technology can be transferred to food too. Maybe a light will flash from a bag of Lays potato chips informing them of the rate they are eating. It really is a great concept, — having a chip track your consumption, because, really adheres to the nutritional facts information and counts the numbers of chips to confirm that you just conserved one serving of Lays barbeque potato chips.

What will be the next disruptive food distribution trend can someone say “Wearable Food”.

Innovative technology by Gatorade can revolutionize the food industry. It would be great if we can have backup to control our serving and portion control. Never mind tracking athletes who are already in top shape, this technology can perhaps be transferred to control issues like obesity and diabetes.

How much will a one bottle cost? A 16 ounce plastic bottle costs on average about a buck. Anyway, this technology can be overall “disruptive” in terms of food intake and consumption to use the term by author of Disrupt You, Jay Samit.

In addition, Gatorade will also be offering food products in the next several years like protein bars and yogurt.  Wow, electrolytes in a cup.

For more information check out the full article in Fast Company.

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