Retail supermarkets all across the country are marketing and advertising for your dollars to spend on groceries. They offer sales to entice you as well as all types of techniques and deals to lure you in to fill your buggy (shopping cart). A lot of work goes into it and as customers we all like a deal. Thanks to all the food and product companies for bringing us into the supermarkets. If it wasn’t for them a lot of people would be hungry.

Unfortunately, people in our country and over the world are still hungry, — some are literally starving. Many of them poor and children. It is something that will be one of the issues discussed in the blog: improving food delivery and distribution. Any food lost produces a domino effect where retailers are affected. driving up food prices, because of lost inventory. In addition, lost food revenues affect the wages of rank and file workers who work hard to meet the needs of customers every day. Lost sales can result in lost wages. And believe me, working in a supermarket is challenging at times. And it is an honorable job because people need to eat to live; food is a necessity. The grocery industry is important and I’ll cover a wide range of issues from analyzing actual products to improving and focusing in on food and grocery product delivery.

I’ve gotten off track, no pun intended, but this post is to thank the men and women who behind the scenes make it all happen for grocery supermarkets to thrive and put people to work. Thus, I want to thank all of the truck drivers all across the country who deliver product to the tens of thousands of grocery supermarkets every day.

Without their hard work and dedication, driving all across the county shelves would be empty and people would go county. Plus, they are typically under deadlines to make deliveries on time, so the stock clerks, a.k.a, food brokers can unload and fill the shelves. So the next time you see a truck driver, — thank them for their service.

To all the grocery truck drivers who drive for hours without a break to make sure grocery deliveries are on time, regardless of the weather, traffic, etc. I say a big — THANK YOU.