In this US grocery supermarkets millions of stores get rid of food. Dairy goods are high on the list to record lost food, which translates into lost revenue and profits for out nation’s supermarkets. Even worse is that food cannot be fed to people in need. It is ironic that the US manufactures an abundant amount of food each year and not every child or person in need receive it.

Yogurt is one the most popular foods we eat. It is a meal at breakfast as well as eaten during lunch and has so many health benefits in terms of digestion, where it consists of live bacteria. It is also good for building bones and healthy teeth. Dannon yogurt used to be the gold standard and only game in town, but now — there are literally hundreds of companies and millions of people having a cup of yogurt on a daily basis.

Thus it puzzles me that supermarkets are quick to discard yogurt when it hits the expiration date. I wonder if consumers would consider buying day old yogurt after the expiration. Selling expired food is slowly growing. Check out this 2013 article in Time with the effort to have zero waste in food.

Can you imagine if there were enough people available just to rotate yogurt or other products the need constant intention to do so? It would improve the efficiency of food delivery and preserve food.

Millions of dollars are thrown away because of unrotated food. It is challenging for a dairy clerk (food broker) to fill and replenish shelves with milk, eggs, and product on a dairy basis. The clerk is easily outnumbered 50 to 1 when it comes to maintaining and efficiently run dairy department. Supermarket chains can hire and train part time associates to help alleviate the issue. I have other solutions too to tackle this problem, and they have to do with the power of technology. I’ll discuss and share some of my ideas in future blog posts.

Anyway, please take great care in handling food. With hard work we can eliminate expired the “Yogurt Effect”. Point out expired dates to your food brokers to make them aware of what happened and can address these issues and remove unwanted food. Taking care of our food supply is vital to the growth and advancement of the US.