If you are looking for a good book to read about personal transformation check out Disrupt You by Jay Samit. There is an interesting part where he acknowledges Kroger, America’s largest grocery store chain with revenues exceeding $90 billion annually.

Samit noted that Kroger was losing about forty percent of its food was not sold and spoiled each year. Millions of dollars lost and food discarded. What they did to tackle this problem was to build an anaerobic digester system to convert molded bread and rotten meat into electricity. Wow, talk about an energy saver. The waste is taken in the facility, pumping the refined sludge generating 13 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to power up over two-thousand homes for a year. The remaining by-product is used for fertilizer that is sold to California produce farmers. (Disrupt You, pp. 230-231)

Image if all grocery stores did something like this with food that is wasted. It could improve the country and the lives of people. And it can save hundred of millions of dollars a year.

I don’t work for Kroger. I hear it is a top company on so many levels, but I think this is incredible that they have transformed waste. My store discards a lot product, which is a shame and maybe they convert some of it, but I guess they don’t want customers sniffing the garbage compactor to get a meal.

Regardless, there is easily hundreds of millions of dollars of lost food. People are literally starving in America and the world. If we can use or save the food to use as energy, or pass it along to the unfed what a great thing to improve the quality of life for just about everyone.

When you pick up a grocery item in the store, regardless if you buy it, savor it like a precious metal, because food is just that: valuable.

To read more check out Disrupt You.