Being both a dynamic, competent sales rep requires hard work and also setting the stage for clients and customers. It applies to any type of sales: advertising reps, retail associates,  real estate brokers, and grocery reps, a.k.a., food brokers. And a big, big part of making the sale, any sale, just as important as listening to your customer, or selling the benefits, being ethical, making them laugh, etc. is this, — making sure your custom can see the product you are selling.

Go to any supermarket and observe the customers. Supermarkets are like social laboratories in terms of understanding people and how they shop. They have needs when they go to a supermarket: to eat, to host a party, to snack, to be inspired by a recipe they saw on Rachel Rey, to get away and be yourself, to spend family time on a social level (without the use of a technological device). There is nothing more upsetting or deflating to a client to come into a supermarket and walk up an aisle and not see the thing they want to buy. Thus, a major responsibility is to make sure to replenish the product and make sure it is on the shelf. And the irony is that the product is in the aisle, but the customer cannot see it. Thus the food broker must be savvy enough to notice this and pluck the item, especially a hot sale item or good to fill the shelf. I do it all the time when possible, even during the most hectic times, i.e., unloading trucks or assisting three customers at the same. You see, grocery clerks use the supermarket as sort of a laboratory, to observe customers. It requires practice and developing your intuition. That is why grocery clerks should get a little monthly commission if overall sales quotas are met. Just a few extra dollars a month, instead of no acknowledgment or to be told that it is part of your job is ineffective, and see it everywhere I shop where retail personnel is not receiving commission. is that

The bottom line is that clerks (food and retail brokers) must make sure the products they sell are visible to their customers and clients. It makes a BIG difference in revenue and making the customers come back.