I like MorningStar Farms products. Their Sausages Links are one of my favorites. The texture is smooth and bottom line, — it is tasty. If my dogs could speak they would agree. Their Crumblers are excellent too when mixed in with tomato sauce combined with spaghetti.

Owned by the Kellogg Company, the veggie soy company offers a wide variety of food like their Sausage Links, Chik’n Nuggets, six types of veggie burgers, Crumblers, the new Thai Yellow Curry (can’t wait to try it), Corn Dogs, Buffalo Wings, etc. The food is not all natural, their products contain preservatives, however as I mentioned, their food is tasty and easy to cook, via microwave or with the conventional oven.

A big change I noticed has been in their packaging with some of their products originally in boxes are now in sealed bags. I asked one of my customer who bought a bag Griller Prime burgers if she liked the change. She kindly replied, “yes, because I don’t have to get a clip to reseal the plastic bag inside the box, I can just seal the bag in the package”.

This is a great idea, but can be a nightmare for the grocery clerk, a.k.a. food broker, to merchandise. Here’s the thing, it is easier to straighten boxes in a frozen door showcasing products compared to bags. Boxes are also easier to bring to the front of the door for consumers to see, because if they don’t see them, they don’t buy them. The conscious food broker must notice this and pull the bags out from the bag of the shelves and bring them out. Try yanking some crumblers and Maple Flavored Sausage Patties from under the bottom shelf in a supermarket. It can be a pain in the you know where and, as a result, leads to lost sales for MorningStar and the supermarkets as well as the other aftertaste of  disgruntled customers and incremental business. Not all customers will ask the grocery clerk to check in the back for more; in fact, studies indicate that nine out of ten customers will not ask or burden the grocery clerk to check and see if they can dig out the product in frozen stock room. If it’s on sale there is a great chance that a store will have it.

Also, I have mixed feelings about the boxes that can go right in the shelves that consist of about six bags of product. It is good that the product can stay in one place, but once it’s empty the customer will not move the box aside to locate the full box behind it, which results in lost sales. When I work in frozen food, I look to bring their products to the front of the door; their is nothing worse than losing an easy sale and satisfying a customer’s need at a supermarket.

All in all, I would recommend that supermarkets and food manufactures need to coordinate and figure out ways to make packaging that is easier and more efficient to stock and merchandise. The boxes work out, but I must add, the top can peel off fast or get damaged, which is lost business all the way around. I can bet that MorningStar probably has thousands of boxes each day (yes thousands) of lost revenue because the boxes are damaged.  I admire and respect their products, but I would like to save them and the customer profits so we can feed the customers of our country, hungry, vegetarian or someone looking for a healthy non meat alternative.

So fire up the microwave and cook some Morningstar Farms links.